digital asset creation journey maps

A leading social media company approached us to better understand the digital assets creation process across different multimedia agencies.

After traveling to multiple agencies around the world and learning how they create design deliverables, we were able to compile our findings into multiple current state workflows that helped our client understand how to better tailor the tools they create for their users.



enterprise architecture model

A leading international reinsurance and insurance group needed to understand the structure and operation of their organization. 

With a team of enterprise architects we created this conceptual blueprint to facilitate conversations around ways the company could most effectively achieve its current and future objectives.


Pharmacovigilance strategy

A pharmaceutical company needed a visual model to gain organizational buy-in by depicting the activities and effort required to reach their goals in 2020.

After multiple working sessions with the client I was in charge of bringing the design team's vision to life by translating the findings into a 3D model.