diabetes PORTAL redesign



Animas, a company that specializes in insulin pumps, approached us to redesign their online experience based on better understanding of their customers current needs.


A new website with updated navigation, design, content and imagery.
This redesign led to an 11% increase in pages visited by session, 13% decrease in bounce rate, 15% increase in session time, 27% increase in conversion rate and 87% increase in visits to the e-store.

Some of the new website features include:

  • Obvious links for supply reordering to increase conversion potential

  • Flexible tile design that allows for new content to rotate in when needed

  • Engaging contextual photos to increase interest in reading more

  • Persistent calls-to-action to provide clear direction to convert users to leads

  • New content and consistent and accurate breadcrumbs

  • Modern, colorful, responsive design to build brand trust

My Roles

Usability testing

Old Animas.png

Initial research

To begin understanding what aspects from the current website were working and which weren't we started gathering insights from anecdotal information from the inside sales team and customer feedback data.

We discovered that the current account pages were confusing, the process to reorder supplies was not clear, top navigation structure was unclear and labels were too broad and managing prescriptions and insulin pump warranties was difficult.


current / future states

With the findings collected we were able to create a current state journey map highlighting pain points and future state solutions.


initial Sketches

After multiple white boarding sessions and discussing the information architecture of the website with our content team I started sketching ideas of what the website could possibly look like. I also sketched ideas for the e-store and responsive versions as well.



Once the team agreed on this direction I started designing wireframes for testing based on the client's web design framework for desktop and mobile devices. For the main website I designed wireframes for navigation, search, online classes workflow, footers and general page layouts. For the e-store we focused on navigation, login screens, search, modals, shopping carts, footers, product purchase workflow, user accounts and bill payment workflow.



Due to a tight deadline other designers were brought onboard to collaborate creating all the assets and components that define the aesthetics for both websites.



As a final step I created the specifications documents required for the development team in India.